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On August 29, 1948, Kit Crittenden won the N.C. State Championship at age 13, still youngest ever in the Nation!
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SM Karthik Rangarajan
 NM Frankie Newton
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Chris Mabe
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 Todd Trower
 NM Leland Fuerstman
Shawn Pealer
"You don't stop playing when you get old; you get old when you stop playing!" Benjamin Franklin
"Chess grips its exponent, shackling the mind and brain so that the inner freedom and independence of even the strongest character cannot remain unaffected." 
Albert Einstein
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2004 NC Co-State Champion
SM Karthik Rangarajan
2004 NC Invitational Champion
NM Frankie Newton
2004 NC Scholastic Champion
NM Daniel Tapia
2004 NC K-8 Champion
Laura Lee
2004 NC K-5 Champion
Kevin Huang
2004 NC K-3 Champion
Joshua Mu
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The CCC has 101 current members. This is our 62nd Wendy's 5 Rd event. The Record for the total playing in 1 Rd is 48,  total  participating  is 78, for a Smokehouse 3 Rd event 38.
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NM Leland L. Fuerstman, Editor
 Greetings from Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, Earth to everyone out there in cyberia, and welcome to the Charlotte Chess Club website. On this page, which is continuously updated, we will report a weekly synopsis of the previous meeting to include current standings, annotated games, and other interesting anecdotes for your reading, viewing, and listening pleasure. We welcome your contributions and comments on our new "user friendly" 
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CCC Titles Earned in 2004!
 Caribou I, January 15. ATTN: New Location for
Saturday Tournaments. See  ("Upcoming Events")

Newton Still Leads Top; Katz "B"; Hofer "C"; Nichols, McLaughlin, Bullis Lower Section of  Wendy's LXII
Charlotte, NC 1-5-05:   A rather healthy turnout of 28 of the Metrolina area's most cunning calculators converged upon this factory of creative genii more commonly known as Wendy's in order to participate in Rd:4 of Wendy's LXII. In the Top Section, the CCC's #2 player, NC Invitational Champion, CCC Player of the Year NM Frankie "Neutron" Newton (2282) ultimately dispatched of Tarokh "the Oak" Taefi (1825) after a hard fought encounter to lead with 3.5-.5. Meanwhile, NM Leland "Padrone" Fuerstman (2035) became involved in an intense see-saw battle with 2004 CCC "A" Player of the Year, Expert Shawn "Arlo" Pealer (2033) whereupon in the time scramble, according to NM Newton, the former player overlooked the winning move and made an "illegal" one instead which, incredibly, was overlooked by both players!?! The flurry ended in Draw (See Game 0444). In addition, Patrick "Fabio" McCartney (1944) split the point with the good Reverend Bernard "King" Baker (1843) and "up in the sky; it's a bird, it's a plane, it's Superman disguised as mild mannered Clarke "Kent" Brosi (1802) who caused truth and justice to prevail over Michael "the Savage" Savage (1789). In the "B" Section, the CCC 2004 "D" Player of the Year & Most Improved Player of the Year Marty "Fritz" Katz (1640) deported Viktor "the Mad Russian" Ozherelyev (1615) to remain as the only perfect 4-0 in the tournament! In addition, Laura "Karate Kid" Lee (1615) quickly pinned "Sponge" Bob Moore (1700)  while CCC 2004 "C" Player of the Year Jonathan "Henry" Hudson (1643) beat down Ankit "Butch" Jivan (1615). In the "C" Section, Donald "Trump" Hofer (1485) outplayed Jim "Sticks" Ulaky (1524) to lead with 3.5-.5 while Winfred "Guns" Gatlin (1489) gunned down Dave "Ameen" Eadie (1580) and Spencer "Jazzman" Singleton (1516) played a jazz riff on Joseph Alexander (Unr). In the Lower Section, Ervon "Wooden Nichols, Duncan "Doughnuts" McLaughlin and Joey "the Bull" Bullis each lead with 2 points. All results may be observed on the "Current Crosstable" - Caribou I, January 15. ATTN: New Location for Saturday Tournament. See ("Upcoming Events") Editor Needs Games; Please E-mail to:
1st Annual CCC Party a Grand Success! Newton named CCC "Player of the Year!" Simo Yields One Gift as Dave Eadie Wins!
Charlotte,  NC 12-18-04:  Approximately one third of the members of the Charlotte Chess Club, and various family members, friends and visitors converged upon the well decorated Presidential Ballroom of the Ole' Smokehouse Dining Room to enjoy a "free" round of chess, "free" lunch, door prizes and finally a "free" seat to play North Carolina's highest rated player, SM Karthik "Rajah" Rangarajan (2520) in a simultaneous exhibition. The extremely entertaining five hour, 16 player event went pretty much as expected until late Draws were granted to Clarke "Kent" Brosi (1803) and Slobodan "the Mad Serb" Sinanovic (1745). Finally, with 3 players remaining, Rangarajan tipped his King for the 1st time in his brief southern campaign to Dave "Ameen" Eadie (1561)! (See Game 0442) (Of course, simos are unrated...). With almost every competitor putting up stiff resistance, a final score of 13-2-1 was certainly an impressive showing. The morning began with one round of rated tournament play (See Crosstable) followed by a gift of $5 cash to each CCC member to offset the cost of lunch at the Smokehouse. An early afternoon serenade by Internationally renound guitarist/ vocalist/ songwriter Leland "Firstman" preceeded a drawing for 10 door prizes in the form of "Framed Chess Art" valued at $20 each and provided by Next was the presentation of awards to CCC members. Gold leaf certificates were presented to Champions who had competed in at least 6 of the 22 CCC events in 2004 and played a total of at least 24 games. In general, the player with the greatest annual rating increase won the title. The results are as follows:
2004 Player of the Year
NM Frankie Newton
2004 Scholastic Player 
NM Daniel Tapia
2004 CCC Champion
SM Karthik Rangarajan
2004 Expert of the Year
Chris Mabe +145
2004 "A" Player of the Year
Shawn Pealer +110
2004 "B" Player of the Year
Ken Ivens +12
2004 "C" Player of the Year
Jonathan Hudson +224
2004 "D" Player of the Year
Martin Katz +391
2004 Most Improved Player 
Martin Katz +391!
2004 Most Improved Family
Team Wheeless +690!!
A thoroughly enjoyable time was had by all. Special thanks to SM Karthik "Rajah" Rangarajan for donating his time with a superior performance, Shawn "Arlo" Pealer for donating the "Framed Chess Art," Amanda Braband for installing the lovely seasonal decorations and the CCC elders who helped defray the expenses. And, congratulations to all of the 2004 Charlotte Chess Club Champions! We WILL do this again next year. LF - Next Caribou January 15, 2005 -
Interested in National Chess Politics? (Me either!?)
New Prize Structure for Wendy's Events!
Top Section: 1st Place $100. cash
"B" Section: Free Entry to Smokehouse ($20)
"C" Section: Free Entry to Smokehouse ($20)
Lower Section: Free Entry to Smokehouse ($20)
Winners must have at least 4 points.
"Bobby Fischer's Pathetic Endgame"