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Drew Canning,  Austin Chuang, Jaiden Chuang, Emmanuel Cooper, Charlene Howard, Ben Tarkenton
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Carl McKern
Julio Echevarria
Dr. Ron Futerman
Dawuud Richards
NM E. Carter
+32 2244
If a violation of a rule of chess occurs during your game, immediately stop the clocks and "quietly" report it to the Director who will address the issue. TD
CCC Cell Phone Policy
Unless approved by the Director, after 7:30pm, the use of a cell phone in the playing area is strictly prohibited. First offense subtracts 10 minutes from violators clock; second offense may result in forfeiture of game.
TD a Player Himself
Time Control For McAlister's
All Sections: G75

The player with the Black pieces chooses whether to use "5 second time delay." If so, 5 minutes subtracted from both clocks.

15G. Ownership of Scoresheets
"...scoresheets...property of the sponsoring organizer(s)"
16L. Possible Stipulations
"The Director may require that clocks face a certain direction or that  Black  sit on a particular side of the table..."
 Moving before button pushed
Legal Method for Adjusting Pieces
USCF Rule 10A, p.21, Adjustment of Pieces. "A player who is on the move and first expresses the intention to adjust...
Insufficient Losing Chances
Official Rules of Chess, 6th Edition, 14H1 p.54 states as follows: "In a sudden death time control, a player on the move with 2 minutes or less of remaining time may stop the clock and make a claim of insufficient losing chances." Doing such constitutes an offer of Draw. If his opponent rejects the offer, half of the claimants time will be subtracted and the 5 second delay feature will be imposed. "The claimant may win, lose or draw the game"
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Upcoming Tournaments Around North Carolina
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Aug 3 - Aug 31
McAlister's 23
5-SS, G75, D5 or no
(Black decides upon 5 second delay; if so, 5 minutes subtracted from both clocks)
In 4 Sections:
Top, "B", "C", Lower
   FREE Entry for 1st Place in all Sections.
(Must have 4 points
with no Byes)
EF: $5 per Rd (Nons $8.)
Round @ 7:30 pm Sharp!
(Current Crosstable)
Greenville, SC
Every Other Thursday

(USCF Rated Competition)
3-SS, G15, D3
Greenville Chess Club
July 30
Big Cookie XIII
Live Chess Ratings!!
windyCCC Top 40windy
"Most Recent Published Rating"
- Active CCC members Class "C" and above -
(Provisional ratings listed in red)
NM Daniel Cremisi 2312
NM Emmanuel Carter 2279
NM Shawn Pealer 2207
Jonathon McNeill
Mark Biernacki 2086
Michael Uwakwe 2040
Keith Eubanks 2023
NM Leland Fuerstman 2005
Michael Kliber 1976
Lorenzo Carter 1974
Chris Lecordier 1897
Clarke Brosi
Julio Echevarria 1828
Daryl Gordon 1797
Dawuud Richards 1776
Dwayne Tutt 1770
Xiaodong Jin 1757
Paul Lucas 1747
Austin Chuang 1741
James Boswell
Kydriana Carter 1709
Marnzell Hand 1653
Spencer Singleton 1624
Byron Butler 1623
Winfred Gatlin 1613
Jaiden Chuang 1601
George Cashell 1605
Shane Strom
Hank Vergi 1592
Joe Rafferty 1577
Carl McKern 1545
 C. Krishnamurthy 1523
Julian Billings 1519
Ian Haigler 1515
Scott LaPorte 1503
Tony Cato 1500
Drew Canning 1464
Corey Frazier 1460
Mikey Trott 1418
Franacois Gros

2700chess.com for more details and full list

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Omar Khayyam 1040 ad

"Chess grips its exponent, shackling the mind and brain so that the inner freedom and independence of even the strongest character cannot remain unaffected." Albert Einstein
"Imagination does not breed insanity. Exactly what does breed insanity is reason.  Poets do not go mad;  but chess-players do".
—Chesterton, The Maniac (1908).

"Adversity reveals character" James Lane Allen
"the chess playing of a master ties him to the game, fetters his mind and shapes it to a certain extent so that his internal freedom and ease, no matter how strong he is, must inevitably be affected."  Spinoza
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The CCC has 77 current members. This is our 192nd 5 Rd event. Highest total of players for 1 Rd is 48. Highest 5 Rds is 78 Highest total unique hits in 1 day 173
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Official Website of the "Original"
windyCharlotte Chess Clubwindy
- Charlotte, North Carolina, USA - Founded in 1975 -
*We play one rated game every Wednesday evening!*
Today is Saturday, Jul 30, 2016
This Site had 61 unique visitors yesterday!

This site has been visited  times since April 1, 2002
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 * Cremisi Takes Top Section of McAlister's XXII with 4.5-.5 * Big Cookie XIII this Saturday! *

The Charlotte Chess Club has 77 current members
windyWelcome to the CCCwindy
 Greetings from Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, Earth to everyone out there in cyberia, and welcome to the Charlotte Chess Club website. On this page, which is continuously updated, we will report a weekly synopsis of the previous meeting to include current standings, annotated games, Weekly Puzzle and other interesting anecdotes for your reading, viewing, and listening pleasure. We welcome your contributions and comments.
This Website is provided by NM Leland Fuerstman, Editor (235.0)
windyScroll down for Weekly "News & Views" Articlewindy

The Charlotte Chess Club is the premier "adult" chess club in the southeast.  The CCC is open to players of every race, color, creed, national origin, gender, religion, political affiliation or galaxy! (All members are required to arrive bathed, if necessary, in clean clothing and making use of deodorant; cologne and mouthwash are also welcome when people are in such close proximity. Also, if a member is sick with a cold, he should think twice before spreading unwanted germs.) As a CCC member, you are expected to treat your fellow members equally, with dignity and respect regardless of skill level or experience. In accordance with the standards of good sportsmanship, all members are asked to shake hands (or bump fists) before and after each game! If during play, a possible rules violation occurs, you must first stop your clock and report the situation to the Tournament Director. (A loud verbal confrontation over the rules is a distraction to everyone) The TD will make the necessary ruling.  If a noise distraction occurs, you may stop your clock, turn to the "minor noise violators" and silently place your finger over your lips! After the "talkers" acknowledge your complaint, you resume your game. All postmortem analysis must be moved to an area away from games which are still in progress. Anyone who violates these rules will receive 10 lashes with a wet noodle...
Have fun!!
The Charlotte Chess Club, an Independent Affiliate
of the USCF meets each Wednesday evening at 6:30pm
(or as early as 5:30 for some!)
at the

4805 Park Rd. Charlotte, NC 28209
  Primarily an "adult" club, the CCC conducts a perpetual
round tournament with one round being played each Wednesday evening at 7:30 pm sharp!
The time control is G75 - Entry fee is $5. ($8 for non-members) FREE Entry for all Section winners. - (Winners must have 4 points with no byes). The Annual club membership fee is $25. Current members receive $5 discount. (Note: Non-members who pay a $25 EF to participate in CCC Saturday events receive $5 credit toward membership for each event entered!) The venue guarantees a private area with padded chairs and a lamp over each table! - 2 players per table!! "Wi-Fi," great menu and prices, direct parking for 100 cars, his & hers sanitary multi-port lavatories and very friendly crew! --- (Management requests that you purchase your meal at McAlister's Deli) --- Join us to participate in casual play as well as USCF rated games. If you are not playing in the tournament, your first visit is FREE! Non-members, who have visited more than once, and play off-hand games are required to pay $3. The CCC occasionally sponsors a bi-monthly 3 rd. Swiss and other special tournaments. For schedule see "Upcoming Events" In order to compete in USCF "Tournament Competition" you must be a member of the USCF (uschess.org). Or, to join the CCC or USCF you may simply show up at the site!
 (Current Crosstable) 
  Note: Non-members will be preempted by Members who arrive before 7:30pm! If you're running late, call or text 704-965-8931 and we'll work you in!
 Contact Information: charlottechessclub@gmail.com
Explanation of "Weekly Tournament Competition"
The CCC conducts a perpetual 5 round tournament with one round being played each Wednesday evening at 7:30 pm. sharp! The time control is G75 - All players who compete in tournament competition are required to be members of the United States Chess Federation.  Regardless of  which round(s) one chooses to enter, a player only gets credit for the game(s) he actually plays. There is no penalty for not showing up; it is simply counted as an unplayed game. Management appreciates your purchase of a healthy meal! McAlister's stays open til 10:30pm.
NOTE: Wednesday round begins at 7:30pm sharp!
If you're running late, please call or text

windywindywindyCCC Message Boardwindywindywindy
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Kudos to 16 year old NM Daniel Cremisi (2312) who finished clear 1st Place in the Top Section of McAlister's XXII with 4.5-.5 and has ascended to the position of
3rd highest rated player in North Carolina!
Congratulations to 16 year old NM Emmanuel Carter (2279) who finished clear 1st Place in RA63 with 3-0.
to Dawuud "Richman" Richards (1734) who finished =1st-3rd in the "B" Section of RA63 with 2.5-.5.
Honorable Mention
to Doug Mackey (1399) who finished clear 1st Place in the Harbor Chase Invitational with 2.5-.5. Rich "Alert" Trela (1022) was 2nd with 1.5-1.5.
Congratulations to 18 year old Mark Biernacki (2097) who finished clear 1st Place in Action 24 with 4-0.

Everyone needs a study partner!...
"Live" List of FIDE Top 2700+
Puzzle of the Week!
- White Mates in 3! -  
Most players are not familiar with the Traxler Counter Gambit! This is how they played back in 1930...
Karel Traxler (1866-1936) vs Amateur

Note: Round Begins at 7:30pm Sharp! Time control G75  EF:$5
(Black pieces decide whether or not to use "Time Delay," 5 minutes deducted)
(In addition, upon registration, a player may choose to use his official published rating or any subsequent higher published rating for pairing purposes)TD
windyCCC News & Views 7-28-16windy
Cremisi Takes Top; Richards "B"; Strom "C"; Trela Lower Section of McAlister's XXII  {Big Cookie This Saturday!}
 Charlotte, NC 7-27-16: A grand total of 34 of the most creative calculators in the Charlotte area converged upon this palatially appointed facility more commonly known as McAlister's Deli in order to enjoy a sumptuous meal, socialize with other adults and participate in McAlister's XXII. In the Top Section, the CCC's #1 player, 16 year old NM Daniel Cremisi (2312) squared off against 18 year old Expert Mark "Steeler" Biernacki (2086) who spurned the double Bishop sacrifice Draw allowing Cremisi to finish clear 1st Place with 4.5-.5, win his 5th CCC Title of the year and FREE Entry into McAlister's XXIII. In addition, NM Shawn "Spuds" Pealer (2207) fought off a lively counter attack from Expert Michael "NN" Uwakwe (2040) (See Game) to finish clear 2nd Place with 3.5-1.5. In addition, the Pride of Mental Hill, ex-Member of the NCCA Hall of Fame, NM Leland "Ennui" Fuerstman (2005) survived after making a dubious move which went undetected (See Game 1723)  versus Dawuud "Richman" Richards (1776) who lost in the end but finished clear 1st Place in the "B" Section with 4-1, won FREE Entry into McAlister's XXIII and gained 42 points! Meanwhile, Paul "Survivalist" Lucas (1756) outplayed "Big" Joe Rafferty (1608) while Hank Vergi (1607) split the point with George "Cashman" Cashell (1600). In the "C" Section, Shane "Storm" Strom (1592) finished clear 1st Place with 4-0 and won FREE Entry into McAlister's XXIII. In addition, "Lord" Byron Butler (1623) schooled Scott "the Door" LaPorte (1503) while Chakrapani Krishnamurthy (1523p) got by Carl "Marx" McKern (1545). In the Lower Section, Rich "Alert" Trela (1076) defeated Michael "Tiger" Lyons (910) to finish clear 1st Place with 3.5-1.5 and gain 54 points! In addition, James Boswell (1712p) outplayed Debs Pedigo (1320). In order to observe all results see "Current Crosstable." The CCC will conduct Rd:1 of McAlister's XXIII on Wednesday, Aug 3 at McAlister's Deli, 4805 Park Rd. Round begins at 7:30 sharp! So, get there early and enjoy a wonderful meal or dine while you play! Thank you for participating in CCC competition!
Mackey Clear 1st in Harbor Chase Invitational
Rock Hill, SC 7-23-16: The 1st Harbor Chase Invitational was contested at the Harbor Chase Assisted Living Center in Rock Hill, SC. The very quiet and adequately lighted room was an excellent location to stage a dog fight between some of the CCC's strongest Lower Section players. Using the standard G75, D5 time control, each game was hotly contested as all 4 competitors won at least one game! In Rd:1, pre- tournament favorite Doug Mackey (1399) dispatched of Michael "Tiger" Lyons (943) (See Game 1721), split the point with Rich "Alert" Trela (1022) in Rd:2 and outplayed master of ceremonies Angelo Sciulli (1186) in the final round (See Game 1722) to finish clear 1st Place with 2.5-.5 and be crowned Harbor Chase Champion! Finishing clear 2nd with 1.5-1.5 was Rich "Alert" Trela (1022). During the lunch break, the friendly staff provided the group with trays of wrapped sandwiches, chips and dip, various fruit including water mellon! and a choice of beverages. ("while they played, I ate!!") In order to observe all results, see (Crosstable). An enjoyable time was had by all. Fuerstman directed.
windyUpcoming Eventswindy
 Attn TD's:  Send info for FREE listing to charlottechessclub@gmail.com
windyResult of All Previous CCC Events!windy
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