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On August 29, 1948, Kit Crittenden won the N.C. State Championship at age 13, still youngest ever in the Nation!
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Albert Einstein
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2004 NC Co-State Champion
SM Karthik Rangarajan
2004 NC Invitational Champion
NM Frankie Newton
2004 NC Scholastic Champion
NM Daniel Tapia
2004 NC K-8 Champion
Laura Lee
2004 NC K-5 Champion
Kevin Huang
2004 NC K-3 Champion
Joshua Mu
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The CCC has 106 current members. This is our 62nd Wendy's 5 Rd event. The Record for the total playing in 1 Rd is 48,  total  participating  is 78, for a Smokehouse 3 Rd event 38.
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NM Leland L. Fuerstman, Editor
 Greetings from Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, Earth to everyone out there in cyberia, and welcome to the Charlotte Chess Club website. On this page, which is continuously updated, we will report a weekly synopsis of the previous meeting to include current standings, annotated games, and other interesting anecdotes for your reading, viewing, and listening pleasure. We welcome your contributions and comments on our new "user friendly" 
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CCC NEWS & VIEWS 1-20-05

"Arlo" Dismantles "Neutron Bomb" as Wendy's LXIII Begins
Charlotte, NC 1-19-05:  A reasonably strong turnout of 30 of the Charlotte area's most amicable competitors converged upon this factory where chess champions are manufactured more commonly known as Wendy's in order to participate in Rd:1 of Wendy's LXIII. In the Top Section, the CCC's #2 player, 2004 NC Invitational Champion, 2004 CCC Player of the Year NM Frankie "Neutron" Newton (2292) lost?!? to 2004 CCC "A" Player of the Year Expert Shawn "Arlo" Pealer (2048) (See Game 0446), the CCC's #3 player, threepeat NC Scholastic Champion, 2004 CCC Scholastic Player of the Year NM Daniel "Johnny" Tapia (2362fide) resorted to using a chainsaw on Tarokh "the Oak" Taefi (1829), 2004 CCC Expert of the Year Chris "the Babe" Mabe (2102) resorted to using  kryptonite on mild mannered Clarke "Kent" Brosi (1802) (Brosi upset NM Fuerstman last week!), Expert Todd "Squirrel" Trower (2054) resorted to using halitosis (Msg034) on Ken "the Terrible" Ivens (1807) and NM Leland "Padrone" Fuerstman (2035) handled an aggressive Michael "the Savage" Savage (1785) (See Game 0445). In the "B" Section, Laura "Karate Kid" Lee (1662) got one over on Walter "Mitty" Overman (1665), 2004 CCC "D" Player of the Year Marty "Fritz" Katz (1615) flattened the tires of NCCA Vice President Randy "Wheels" Wheeless (1660), Ankit "Butch" Jivan (1606) repeated without incident against Viktor "the Mad Russian" Ozherelyev (1621) and "Sponge" Bob Moore (1713) split the point with 2004 CCC "C" Player of the Year Jonathan "Henry" Hudson (1606). In the "C" Section, Donald "Trump" Hofer (1522) fired Octavius "You must" Obey (1399) while Winfred "Guns" Gatlin (1483) schooled Romil Chudgar (Unr). In the Lower Section, wins were registered by Samuel "Reshevsky" Xin, Ervon "Wooden" Nichols, Joe Shirlen and Joey "the Bull" Bullis. All results may be observed on the "Current Crosstable" - Caribou II, February 19. ("Upcoming Events") Editor Needs Games; Please E-mail to:
Tapia, Mabe, Trower Share Top Honors; Holmes, Keller Lower Section of Caribou I
Charlotte NC 1-15-05:  A happy group  of  21 of the Metrolina area's most avid competitors downed their cappucino and expresso coffee, wiped the whipped cream off their mustaches and participated in Caribou I. Though the playing area was limited and the tables were a bit small, the atmosphere was pleasant and everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy the event. (Regardless, this was only a temporary venue; next month our new location will be ready!) In the Top Section, the CCC's #3 player, 2004 NC Scholastic Champion, 2004 CCC Scholastic Player of the Year NM Daniel "Johnny" Tapia (2201) who just unvailed his new website at:, yielded a Draw to Soviet Grandmaster Gennady Brazhnikov (1856) in Rd:1 and then reeled off successive wins against Tarokh "the Oak" Taefi (1829) and Patrick "Fabio" McCartney (1941) to share =1st-3rd Place with 2004 CCC Expert of the Year Expert Chris "the Babe" Mabe (2102) who defeated Matthew "Hoekstra" Green (1856), Kenneth "the Terrible" Ivens (1807) and agreed to a Grandmaster Draw with Expert Todd "Squirrel" Trower (2058) who chopped down Taefi and Slobodan "the Mad Serb" Sinanovic (1759). (Slobodan scored 2-1...Good luck next week in surgery at Mercy Hospital...get well soon!!) Each scored 2.5-5 and took home $50 cash. In the Lower Section, =1st-2nd Place was shared by Laurin "Killer" Keller (1638) and Dr. Gilbert "Sherlock" Holmes (1746) each with 2.5-.5 winning $75. See  (Crosstable) for complete results. Next Saturday 3 rounder February 19. The new location will soon be announced! (Fuerstman directed) LF
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New Prize Structure for Wendy's Events!
Top Section: 1st Place $100. cash
"B" Section: Free Entry to Smokehouse ($20)
"C" Section: Free Entry to Smokehouse ($20)
Lower Section: Free Entry to Smokehouse ($20)
Winners must have at least 4 points.
"Bobby Fischer's Pathetic Endgame"